Hey guys, it’s me, Prissy!

<<if Prissy could talk, we’re convinced she would have a slight lisp and a valley girl accent>>

Hey guys, it’s me, Prissy!  I just feel really excited today because mom finally let me have some time on the blog to talk about what’s been going on lately.  I mean, there have been a lot of changes around here and I feel like no one ever listens to me anymore.  Sometimes it’s like, do I even exist?   After I was complaining this morning about “Charlotte this and Charlotte that”, mom said we could talk about me.  Jeez, I use to be like the main event here on the ranch but that is sooo not the case anymore.

So like I guess mom and dad brought home this baby named Charlotte one day and boy did things get rough for me.  I mean, for weeks all they did was sit around this baby and stare at her and talk to her.  Mom was always carrying her around in her arms and didn’t have time to pet me or walk me.  All of a sudden, like overnight, my world was turned upside down and now I was second to this baby named Charlotte.  That was really hard for me to accept and still is.  So sometimes I get mad and steal her blankets and toys and tear up pillows just to make sure they know I’m still here.

Like for my birthday, mom put this stupid red party hat on my head and took a picture to post on Instagram and that was it.  I mean, you should have seen this “soirée” they threw for Charlotte a couple weeks ago.  It wasn’t even her birthday.  I just don’t get it.  At least I still have my buddies.  Well, except for Rooster.  He just went missing one day.  I’m not sure what happened to him.  He was always a lot of fun to play with.  But you know, there is still Monty.  I have had the biggest crush on him since day one.  It was love at first sight for us.  He gives me kisses almost everyday.  Then there is Dungee – my parents just call him “fluffy brown dog”.  He’s pretty much my best friend that lives up the street.  It’s pretty cool when he comes over to play.  And there is always Kitty.  She is weird and I don’t really get her but at least there is someone around when I get sick of being inside with mom and Charlotte.

My favorite day at the ranch is when we do irrigation. It’s sooo much fun cuz it’s like a river of water comes onto the property and all of a sudden there are puddles and streams everywhere.  I get so excited I can’t stand still, well, that’s pretty normal for me, and I run and run and run.  And it’s also super cool when the water makes all the gophers come to the surface and I get to chase them.  But, I have to be sneaky cuz if daddy sees them he sends them to heaven. Irrigation day has to be one of the funnest days ever. Afterwards, I sleep for like 2 days just to recover.

So anyway,  I have to admit that Charlotte has been growing on me lately.  For the longest time she would just lay there and do nothing.  I didn’t get what the big deal was at all.  But now she like smiles at me.  It’s pretty darn cute when she does that.  I like to go over and give her kisses whenever mom isn’t looking but most of the time I get caught.  I think we might get to play together more now that she is a little bigger and moving around.  Mom isn’t so scared to leave her on the floor with me anymore.  I mean, maybe it won’t be so bad having Charlotte around, who knows.  I hope mom will let me have a little more time on the blog so I will be able to keep you posted on how it’s going.

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