Bahamas 2023

Bahamas 2023

We went back to the beautiful Bahamas for Spring Break. I think I’ve said this before, but words can’t really describe this place. I’ll try a little… but it’s best left to pictures.

The water is that color you only thought was fake in photos, the catamaran is like a floating hotel, the nurse sharks are like cute stray cats, the sandbars feel like Mars, the conch shell blowing is our music class, the meals are an expedition in and of themselves, the snorkeling is like a National Geographic show and is now turning into free-diving, the amount of sunscreen needed is equivalent to your daily water intake, the yachts are inspiring/ridiculous, the remoras are real and the most annoying fish, the calm that being on the ocean brings is actually a true story and not a pirate’s tale, and lastly, the new adventures everyday never cease to fulfill all four of our wanderlust souls (a considerable feat).

Things to remember: The water park at Baja Mar before we went on the boat, Bahamas turquoise, nurse sharks, Easter egg hunt on a deserted island, breakfast, lunch, dinner, lazy rivers, Johnny getting locked in bathroom, John’s iPhone taking one for the team, Charlotte finding my Apple Watch in the ocean, being pulled on paddle boards, tubing, fishing (catching a shark … kind of), conch, remoras, barracudas, turtles, lizards, jumping off the boat, free-diving, Pablo’s plane, Charlotte and Johnny driving the boat, ChatGPT writing a script for us, boating/hiking/walking in the rain on a deserted island, wave diving/flipping, walking on the ocean floor with a rock, crab races, bug bites, sand bars, sunsets, rain, Phase 10, the (?) baths, wetsuits, paddle boarding, feeding/petting nurse sharks, the Bahamas playlist, Mucho Gusto, Hannah and Dom, calm, never wanting it to end.

Charlotte Turns 11

Our Charlotte continues to shape our universe. She‘s far beyond her years and her current age of 11 doesn’t quite fit her much older soul. I don’t want her to ever feel like she has to fit into a box, certainly not an age box. So we will continue on this journey of trying to “parent” her and also just let her “Charlotteness” flourish. She is an amazing person with so much she’s contributing to this world.

Charlotte’s passion for dance is still taking up most of her time (we miss her at home). It’s amazing to watch her evolve on the stage. Her dance company competed at many competitions this spring and she took her solo to Nationals in Anaheim, California. We’re proud of her commitment and hard work. She’s also en pointe in her ballet thanks to her hard work and help from her teacher Natalia.

Charlotte’s cat, Zeus, passed away unexpectedly last August and was replaced by Mochi who is the sweetest addition to our family. Zeus’ passing was a very sad time for Charlotte, but she persevered through it and came out stronger on the other side.

Charlotte graduated Parley’s Park Elementary (5th grade) with the Spanish dual immersion program. She’s now on her way to Ecker Middle School. Wow! It’s all gone by too fast!

Lastly, we have to mention Charlotte’s 11th birthday party. She wanted to do a rooftop pool party at the Pendry Hotel in Park City. It happened to snow several feet the night before and school was canceled the day of her party. We were still able to do the party with some fun snow challenges, but spent most of the time indoors at the Disco Pizza restaurant with music, lights, games, food and a giant chocolate cake. Happy 11th birthday, Charlotte! Please don’t grow up any faster.

Punta Mita for 2023 Winter Break

Punta Mita for 2023 Winter Break

We were grateful to take a break from the crazy winter of 2023 to find refuge in our one of our favorite places, Punta Mita. It truly is where we find that peaceful, easy feeling. The sun, sand, ocean and golf cart make the Mellors happy.

Things to remember: Golf cart rides with the Punta Mita playlist, breakfast on the patio, reading around the fire and finishing Where The Red Fern Grows, surfing, fishing, whale watching with the most epic jump, snorkeling in the cold water, tide pooling, the mariachi band, the local kids jumping onto the golf cart, frisbee on the grass, Charlotte and Johnny walking home from Sufi, speedbumps, and that peaceful, easy feeling I wish we could bottle up and take home.

Christmas in Playa del Carmen 2022

Christmas in Playa del Carmen 2022

This was our 6th Christmas at the Rosewood Mayakoba in Playa del Carmen. Thank you once again, Santa, for letting us spend seven days together in such a magical place. We truly get to escape from the craziness of the Christmas season and melt into Mexico with sun, sand and the ocean. This year had some unusual weather where it rained nonstop for our last three days. We had to get creative with indoor activities which only made us “bond” more.

Things to remember: Feeding the turtles off our dock, lots of sailing and kayaking to snorkel, the Mayakoba Von Dutch boat, sea scooters, the deserted beach, my sunburn, dinner at La Ceiba, Johnny’s bumble bee kite, Charlotte’s very uncomfortable mouth (due to an orthodontic “crossbow” device), Santa coming in on a horse, giant chess, ping pong, arcade games, the Pueblito, bike riding, the spa, John and I taking a cocktail class, the rain, more rain, and them some rain again.

Johnny Turns 8

Johnny Turns 8

Wow, what a gregarious 8 year old. We love being around Johnny and I’m pretty sure almost everyone he comes across feels the same way. He’s energetic, outgoing, smart, funny, wild at times with a very tender heart. Johnny has said for many years “today is such a great day” and he continues to say this most days. He often tells John and I that we are the best parents and he loves being in our family. I mean, we just melt over and over. 

Of course, Johnny can be stubborn and have a strong opinion, especially if Charlotte is involved. He can be physical and try to tackle/tickle me to death (and almost succeeds). I admire his determination and usually have to accept it because he’s not going to change his mind. He can be so set on one thing that he will continue to talk about it, earn the money to buy it and then convince us all to love it as much as him. Pretty sure Johnny’s Apple Watch or German shepherd dog will be here soon. 

Johnny loves baseball and is making that his first priority for sports right now. He also loves any sport he can play with friends. More on friends, Johnny truly adores his friends and doesn’t like being alone. He prefers to have someone come with him to his room to change clothes, shower or brush teeth. I don’t mind because he will usually make me laugh or share an interesting story. Johnny can make a human friend or an animal friend in any situation. He loves all things and loves hard.

Johnny and John have always been the best of friends but the dad and son relationship has deepened now that Johnny can do more grown up “boy” things. They work in the garage, love knives, think about survival skills nonstop, play fruit ninja with a baseball bat, work on projects nonstop around the ranch and play a lot of Walker Hayes country music. They are two peas in a pod and I love watching their special bond grow deeper.

For Johnny’s 8th birthday, he requested Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner, a cool knife from Main Street, laser tag with his friends and a lot of root beer floats. They all happened just the way he imagined. We had KFC for dinner on his actual bday (a first for three of us). We went to Main Street the following day to get his “dream” knife and then a day later we had about 10 of his best buddies over to our house for laser tag in our indoor arena. We blacked out the windows and had fog machines. The boys were a hot sweaty mess running for their lives. It was amazing! Afterward, root beer floats flowed like water to cool everyone off. Johnny remains the coolest little boy in all of our minds. Happy 8th birthday, Johnny!

To remember: John returned from Tokyo the day of his actual birthday and brought fun Japanese candy and toys, we drove to SLC to get a lot of KFC that night, Johnny did not want cake so he had doughnuts and rootbeer floats, homemade root beer with dry ice, the epic laser tag game with Charlotte and Charlee participating.

Kelsi’s 40th Birthday

Kelsi’s 40th Birthday

I’m proud to say I’ve joined the 40+ club. For years I’ve been rounding up and couldn’t wait to officially say I’m 40. Not sure if I expected to get more respect, say “no” easier, feel calmer and wiser or maybe I just wanted to be 40 and fabulous. Whatever it was/is, I’m now 40 but still haven’t transcended. However, I did get pretty dang close at my 40th birthday party. The theme was Burning Woman; as close to the actual Burning Man festival as I could get. It encompassed creativity, bold costumes, awesome music and all the love and support I could get from my friends and family. My heart was beyond full and that feeling will continue to live on through all the years to come.

Our dearest friend, Brett Bluth, was the creative director and with his magic, the idea of Burning Woman came to life. My brother, Kasey, built a tree of life out of wood that was the center of the party. Each guest was asked to bring a piece of fabric, ribbon, flowers or something to decorate the tree. By the end of the night, the tree of life was a unique piece of art that all of my loved-ones contributed to. That was my greatest gift. Thank you to everyone who actually came to party, dance, decorate my tree of life and most of all make me feel like that burning woman I imagine myself to be. I could go on and on about the the art cars, the epic DJ Dolph who brought it, all of our friends who took the cue of finding your inner superhero and then creating that costume. But mostly, I felt alive and loved and elated to finally be 40. My words fall short from here. The pictures tell the rest.

Below is the image for the invite:

And then the party:

Lake Powell 2022

Lake Powell 2022

We were so excited to finally take the kids to Lake Powell! Lake Powell was a family tradition when John and I grew up, but we haven’t been there with Charlotte and Johnny until this year. Our close friends, the Kohlers, invited us to join them for three nights on a houseboat. I think we all could’ve stayed a lot longer. We did a lot of water sports, hiking, cliff jumping, fishing, star watching, lizard catching and enjoying time with friends. The kids are hooked and so are we! Can’t wait to do it again.

Lots of things to remember: Captain John (official houseboat driver), ski boat overheating, night swimming off the slide, the tube crash (poor Charlotte), Johnny catching lots of lizards, a fish taking the whole bait and fishing pole, playing cards, yummy dinners, not showering, hiking to an old boat wreck, low water, wake surfing, water skiing, knee boarding, John’s epic Top Gun moment driving Grady’s speedboat through the canyon at full speed, using Starlink for the first time, Otter pops, catfish,

Barcelona, Mallorca, Paris – Summer 2022

Barcelona, Mallorca, Paris – Summer 2022

Europe finally opened up (post-Covid) and we came running!

Barcelona was our first stop where we toured the city in a day, went to an amusement park and practiced Spain Spanish. We tried to get our bearings straight with the new time zone, etc. Charlotte and Johnny adjusted right away and slept over 12 hours every night. We loved walking through the bustling streets hearing all the sounds and smelling all the smells. Our city tour lead us through the Sagrada Familia and also to Park Guell where we experienced lots of Gaudi art. The amusement park was next and was definitely a highlight. It’s called Tibidabo (which is really fun to say) and is located on the top of a mountain overlooking the city. Tibidabo is one of the oldest parks in the world and is still functioning (mostly). There were a few times I might have have been nervous for our safety. Overall, Barcelona is such a fun and lively city with plenty to do. Mellors took it all in and I’m sure we will be back again soon.

Our next stop was Mallorca, a short flight from Barcelona. There we got to relax at the beach for several days. The water was dreamy; that beautiful turquoise blue, calm and shallow. We went ocean fishing and toured around on an old fishing boat. We ate some amazing food and mostly enjoyed the slow pace of a European beach town. We didn’t find another American the entire 6 days. On our last day, we went into an old city center where the original stonewalls still surrounded the city. It was amazing to walk around the historic cobble streets and shop at the local market. Mallorca felt like a world away from anywhere. We loved the rustic, old European vibe and tried to pull off a little South American Spanish when possible. Not sure we really got away with it.

Our last spot was Paris. Ahhhh… Paris. We love this city. We enjoyed even more incredible food, toured the Louvre, went to the top of the Eiffel Tour, and played at the local carnival across the street from our hotel in the Tuileries. Once again, I found myself nervous for our safety as the light-hearted European carnival attendees loosely ran the show. Paris has always been so good to us and everyone is always so kind to our children. I could’ve stayed the rest of summer in Paris:) Someday.

It was a whirlwind of a trip (12 nights abroad) and we tried to soak in every charming moment Europe had to offer. Charlotte and Johnny are rockstar travelers and can get over jet-lag and new beds and strange food faster than John and I. We love to see the world through their eyes and they truly are our inspiration for so much adventure. Thank you, kids, and thank you, Europe! We missed you.

Things to remember:

European breakfasts at every hotel, small spaces and closets, stone walls and buildings, Gaudi, art everywhere you look, interesting food, city smells, the scary Ferris Wheel rides and the virtual roller coaster ride (with the pink dragon) at Tibidabo, the rooftop pool, European bathing suits or lack there of, Rose all day, taxis, the dinner in Mallorca on the mountain, Charlotte braiding Johnny’s hair, cats, the king bed in Mallorca, the cruise ship music at night, our balcony view, skip ball in swimming pool, slowing down, Johnny catching a fish within the first 60 seconds, filming the scene from Aladdin under the tree, rain in Paris, more rain in Paris, waiting under the umbrellas at the Louvre, filming WWII German movie in lobby, John feeling sick in crowded Eiffel Tower elevator, Eiffel Tower opened late due to striking workers, the carnival in the Tuileries with another virtual ride, Johnny running like Naruto with his hands behind him, feeling homesick, anchovy lunch, riding ponies next door, John walking down main street with giant inflated toy, macaroons, loving our tribe and grateful for culture and experiences abroad.

Pictures from Barcelona:

Pictures from Mallorca:

Pictures from Paris:

Hay Day 2022

Once again our Mellor National Holiday arrived… hay cutting 2022. We were lucky enough to have uncle Roy and aunt Patrice join us this year on the ranch. Daddy worked hard; from sun up until sun down, multiple days in a row (on the ranch and also at his “real” job). We like to call our ranch a “gentleman’s ranch”. Nevertheless, it takes a lot of hard work which helps us all rally. We had a pretty good crop with 113 bales (up from 72 the year before). We gave most of them to Abby who inherited our two horses when we moved to Park City and then we were able to give some bales to a local sanctuary. It’s a full circle moment of goodness for all involved. Grateful for these warm summer days on the ranch.

Charlotte’s cat, Zeus, who is featured in many photos below passed away about a month after these pictures were taken. We will always love and remember him. RIP Zeus.