Charlotte Turns 5!

The one that made me a mama and therefore human… my Charlotte.  She pushes me daily – challenging me to be smarter, more patient, more present, creative, spontaneous, kinder, wittier and mostly stronger.  She came into this world kicking and screaming with an intensity for life that words can’t describe.  I believe she was born with a soul much older than mine and she’s here to teach me.  I’m overwhelmed with gratitude to be Charlotte’s mother and to have the opportunity to learn from her.  She enters a room and fills it with sunshine.  I want to be around her to feel that sunshine and to feel her strength.  I want to be around her to hear her unique and creative outlook on life.  I want to be around her to fully live life like she does.  Charlotte is an avid swimmer, dancer, skier, gymnast, and is now reading and writing which has opened up her world and mind even more.  She enjoys getting silly with her brother and protects him like only an older sister can.  I suppose our whole family is trying to keep up with her.  Thank you, Charlotte, for being you and for letting us tag along for the ride.  I know we’re just getting started.  Happy 5th (or maybe 15th) birthday! 

Below are pictures from Charlotte’s 5th birthday party which she created and directed.  The theme was a white, whipped cream party.  There was an endless amount of whipped cream for Charlotte and her friends.  Shortly after singing happy birthday Charlotte was showered in whipped cream by all those attending her party.  It was beyond amazing and absolutely Charlotte!