Christmas in Punta de Mita 2014

We were able to dodge Santa Claus one more time and run away to Mexico for Christmas.  It’s our chance to be alone as a family and avoid some of the holiday bustle.  One day Charlotte and Johnny will figure out Santa is supposed to bring presents and we will have to make a different plan … or not.

It was our first trip as a family of four.  Johnny did great – slept over 2 hours of the 3 hour flight there.  We didn’t realize how “easy” it was to travel with a baby at this age when it was just Charlotte.  I enjoyed every minute with that sleeping baby on a flight.  Now on the way home, Charlotte and Johnny both decided to cry and scream at the same time for a solid 30 minutes (John timed it).  I guess they were just bummed we had to leave Mexico.  We looked at each other and had that moment of  “yes, we’re that family right now”.  Oh, the humbling joys of parenthood.

Johnny enjoyed his first Christmas with a day at the pool and beach.  He was quite malleable to Charlotte’s schedule and energy the whole trip.  We spent Christmas dinner at a really fun restaurant in town right on the beach.  Charlotte requested “Feliz Navidad” from the local band and nailed it with her dancing moves (as seen below).

One of the highlights of the trip was our excursion to swim with dolphins.  Charlotte about lost her mind.  The dolphin was named Tinda and Charlotte was convinced she actually knew Ariel.  It was a 2-year-old mermaid dream.  She got to kiss, feed, and ride on Tinda the dolphin.  It was a magical day for all of us.

All in all, we had a successful trip with lots of family bonding time.  As a good friend once told me, “the days are long, but the years are short”.  This pretty much sums up our life right now.


Johnny’s first flight.

20141221-IMG_1785 20141221-IMG_1795 20141221-IMG_1798 20141222-IMG_1819

20141222-IMG_1829 20141223-IMG_0186

Johnny's first time to the beach.

Johnny’s first time to the beach.

20141223-IMG_1850 20141223-IMG_1875 20141223-IMG_1876

20141224-IMG_1871 20141224-IMG_1897 20141224-IMG_1899

Christmas morning.

Christmas morning.

20141225-IMG_0189 20141225-IMG_1949

Christmas dinner.

Christmas dinner.


Charlotte's first time on a boat in the ocean.

Charlotte’s first time on a boat in the ocean.


This mermaid puzzle ruled our down time.

This mermaid puzzle ruled our down time.


Charlotte kissed a dolphin.

Charlotte kissed a dolphin.

SAUL (64)

She was so brave.

She was so brave.

The Rodeo 2014

We like to consider The National Finals Rodeo our annual kick off to the Christmas season.  Nothing says Christmas to us like Vegas taxis and the smell of livestock (they’re pretty similar actually).  It’s the way we connect with our American roots and John’s inner cowboy self.  We love to hear the National Anthem and talk “rodeo” with all of the cowboys.  It was definitely a night to remember.  We hope to keep this tradition and maybe bring Charlotte and Johnny once they can stay up past 8 pm 😉

20141213-IMG_1719 20141213-IMG_1720 20141213-IMG_1722 20141213-IMG_1725 20141213-IMG_1726 20141213-IMG_1733