Valentine’s Date in Los Angeles

24 hours in Los Angeles… I’ll take it!  John was in LA for work and invited me to join him for  a belated Valentine’s Day date.  Sunshine, shopping, adult-only dinner, and sleeping in.  Now that is how you make make a girl (or a mom) happy on this Hallmark holiday.  Thankfully, we both lack some sentiment for this day but now as parents, we will use it to have a night away.  I didn’t get the best pictures but at least we captured a few moments.  Until the next Hallmark holiday…


p.s. We got a little carried away and missed our flight home (who knew LAX required check-in 45 mins before a flight?). Luckily I got out on the next flight, but John had to spend the night and catch a 7:00 am flight the next day.  Not sure what was going on that weekend in LA, but there were *no* hotels available on Expedia so he had a taxi drive him along Sepulveda Blvd and check little motels until he found one that had a “small one-bedroom next to the road for $69.00”.  Turns out it was $75.90 with tax. Good times!



Oh wintertime, how we love you… or just try to survive you.  Again, we’re trying to make the most of this wonderful time in Utah.  A few weeks ago we spent the weekend in Deer Valley to escape the inversion and to fully immerse ourselves in winter (with a smiling face).  We also hit the town for the last night of Sundance Film Festival.  A huge blizzard came Sunday so we were snowed in for most of the day but hey, at least I got to dress Charlotte in her bunny coat.  Also, the amount of snow we’ve had has given John a reason to break out his tractor several times.  I don’t think he’s ever going to complain about that.  Moving on to February, yay!





And She’s Walking

Charlotte officially started walking January 31st, just three days shy of her 10 month birthday!  We’re pretty excited since she’s worn the knees out of a dozen pair of her leggings crawling – ah, the simple things that make parents proud.  Not only can she get to the dog food faster, but she’s the perfect height to bump her head on the dining table.  We feel like we’re in the first part of the Bill Cosby episode where he says “we spend the first years of our kids’ life getting them to walk and talk, then the last years of their lives telling them to sit down and shut up”.

Below is a video of  her early walking moments (you can tell Prissy has taught her to carry things in her mouth :-)).  Go get ’em, Charlotte!