Oh wintertime, how we love you… or just try to survive you.  Again, we’re trying to make the most of this wonderful time in Utah.  A few weeks ago we spent the weekend in Deer Valley to escape the inversion and to fully immerse ourselves in winter (with a smiling face).  We also hit the town for the last night of Sundance Film Festival.  A huge blizzard came Sunday so we were snowed in for most of the day but hey, at least I got to dress Charlotte in her bunny coat.  Also, the amount of snow we’ve had has given John a reason to break out his tractor several times.  I don’t think he’s ever going to complain about that.  Moving on to February, yay!





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  1. I LOVE your pictures – I also LOVE Winter but I am now ready for Spring. This has been an unusually cold Winter with LOTS AND LOTS OF SNOW!!! want you to build Charlotte a snowman before the snow melts. I LOVE her bunny coat and it looks warm!!! I want to see her new teeth!!! I love you so much – be careful on the ice. Thanks for your pictures – I’m SO glad you know how to do that. mom, barbara grandma b

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