Valentine’s Date in Los Angeles

24 hours in Los Angeles… I’ll take it!  John was in LA for work and invited me to join him for  a belated Valentine’s Day date.  Sunshine, shopping, adult-only dinner, and sleeping in.  Now that is how you make make a girl (or a mom) happy on this Hallmark holiday.  Thankfully, we both lack some sentiment for this day but now as parents, we will use it to have a night away.  I didn’t get the best pictures but at least we captured a few moments.  Until the next Hallmark holiday…


p.s. We got a little carried away and missed our flight home (who knew LAX required check-in 45 mins before a flight?). Luckily I got out on the next flight, but John had to spend the night and catch a 7:00 am flight the next day.  Not sure what was going on that weekend in LA, but there were *no* hotels available on Expedia so he had a taxi drive him along Sepulveda Blvd and check little motels until he found one that had a “small one-bedroom next to the road for $69.00”.  Turns out it was $75.90 with tax. Good times!


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  1. What a perfect Valentine’s Day date!!! That stinks you missed the flight, but I’m sure it was still worth it to enjoy a little warm weather. 🙂

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