Daylight Savings… Finally!

Daylight savings, I want to thank you for  such a wonderful day here at Mellor Ranch.  I don’t know if the sun felt brighter, or the air felt warmer, or if the clock was just an hour later?!  Whatever it was, I want more of it.  For the first time in months, we spent most of the day outside and felt alive again!   I think most of the critters around here agree.  After such a rough winter, a new beginning and life is in the air.  We went for a walk this afternoon and came across our neighbor’s new baby cows.  Oh my goodness!  I could have died over their cuteness.

Allan, our neighbor, took us to a baby cow that was less than an hour old.  Charlotte and the cow had some sort of connection and she was in love – she leaned in for hugs even though the 1,800 pound momma was just a few steps away. It was a glorious experience.  Thank you again for the tease, Utah, we’re looking forward to some warmer and sunnier days.









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