Mele Kalikimaka came early for the Mellor family.  We were invited to Maui, Hawaii by one of our closest friends, Kristina Pluta, to celebrate her upcoming 40th birthday.  Not sure the Mellors could ever turn down a birthday celebration… or Hawaii.  And, best of all, kids were invited.  That means Charlotte was included on this Hawaiian extravaganza.  (Phew, I can’t be the only one with a baby on the beach OR a 5 hour flight.)  It was a wonderful eight days with amazing friends, to say the least.

Our dear friend, Kristina, likes to say “it takes a village” and I couldn’t agree more.  It not only takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to ring in your 40th.  Cheers and happy birthday, Kristina!  Thank you for the invite and thank you more for the memories we created.  Charlotte was surrounded by her village and we all walked away more enriched and full of gratitude for having such beautiful people in our lives.  One of our highlights from the trip was Kristina’s tradition of  “highs, lows, and gratitudes” – a way to think about what made your day great and what could make your day better.  We did this every night at dinner which led to great conversation and also gave us perspective on what really matters.  John was only able to stay for half of the time because of work but thank goodness I had the village to help out with Charlotte.   Thanks and love to Kristina, Mark, Jansen, Brett, Averi, Maxx, Vicki, Dennis, Brian, and Carolynn.

Charlotte and Maxx, twins for the day.

Jansen is a stud.

I guess he’s trying to work.

Mark and Kristina

Jansen, Kristina, Brett, and Maxx

Averi, Maxx, and Brett

Charlotte’s first beach.

Day 6 of Hawaii… Now eating sand.

Bye bye Hawaii, until next time…

Charlotte Turns Six Months Old

I’m a day late posting Charlotte’s six month milestone but so goes life with a 6-month-old baby, right?  She had a checkup with the pediatrician yesterday which means more shots.  It turned into a rough day for baby and mama.  Anyway, she’s back to her usual happy self today.  Her playtime of choice right now is crawling after Prissy (yes, crawling).  She’s a lively one!  Her pediatrician agrees. When I told him she started crawling, he looked at me and said, “I’m sorry, you were suppose to have three more months before she turned mobile.”  Great!  Baby proofing the house ASAP.  Also, she has attempted to get to Prissy’s dog food one too many times.  Things are definitely changing at the Mellor home.  I’m officially claiming to be a mother of two now that I have to watch both of them at all times!  We were able to capture one of Charlotte’s first “crawls” on video a little over a week ago (posted below).

As far as other Charlotte updates at six months, she’s in the 90th percentile for height and head circumference and in the 73rd percentile for weight.  So I guess that means she’s going to be tall with a large brain?  Sounds good to me!  She now has two bottom teeth and is eating some solids.  We gave her sweet potatoes for the first time on her six month birthday.  She wasn’t crazy about it.  I think she would’ve preferred a cake.  The video is below.  Also, I should note she’s sleeping from 7 to 7 with 3 naps a day.  This makes for a very happy Charlotte and mama!

The last six months have been the most delightful and challenging months of my life!  It’s hard to imagine life before Charlotte.  And to think where she will be in another six months… I’m sure she will be even more beautiful and we will be even more in love.  Happy six months baby Charlotte.  We love you!