Florence, Italy – July 3, 2012

Florence is only about an hour and a half away from Cortona so we decided to take a day trip up the beautiful Italian countryside to see the sites of Florence.  Now once we got into the city of Florence, our American driving skills were put to the test.  The Tom Tom took us deep into the tourist part of town where it is “traffic restricted”.  It sent us down a one-way road and people were nice enough to say, in broken English, “very dangerous, wrong way”.  Most likely the police cameras caught us and we’ll get a ticket in the mail.  Anyway, it was well worth the hassle.  Florence is a magical city.  We hope to go back someday.

Since we couldn’t get a picture of the real David, we’ll take this one.

Ponte Vecchio Bridge – the only bridge not bombed by Hitler.

Piazza della Signoria

Finishing off a good day of touring with some fine Italian cuisine.  Charlotte is dreaming about her first crush on a fellow named David.

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