For not being big Halloween people, we definitely made the most of the event this year. Halloween was a three part celebration for the Mellors.  The highlight was taking our baby chick to Park City’s Main Street to trick-or-treat.  We had heard great things about Park City on Halloween, but none of us quite understood what we were getting in to.  Once the candy started flowing and all those puppies showed up in costume, we were hooked (especially Charlotte).  Thank you Park City dog lovers for giving us the best Halloween experience ever.  I’m already scheming on how we can get Prissy involved next year.  John was dressed up as a character from the movie Grease that day for work and stayed in costume for Park City.

We also had the grand experience of paying tribute to Anna Nicole Smith and Howard Marshall for our adult Halloween party a few days before the 31st.  John sat through over three hours of makeup to become 89 years old.  I lucked out on pulling off a blonde 26 year old, but I did have to push John around in a wheelchair all night – not as easy as it looks.  Unfortunately, we didn’t win any awards this year but we had such a fun time staying in character that evening.

Lastly, we capped off the whole season with a Day of the Dead themed party – apparently Day of the Dead is a real Mexican holiday celebrated on and after Halloween.  I didn’t have much experience with this tradition but it was quite fascinating once we got started.  Our good friends, Kristina and Brett, hosted this amazing party.  I wish I had taken more pictures because it was truly a work of art.

I think this year was a turning point for us and Halloween driven mainly by the Main Street experience of tiny kids and dogs in costumes with good friends on a sunny afternoon.  That’s a far cry from how John claims he spent most of his childhood Halloweens roaming the streets in Arkansas late at night causing mischief.



















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  1. dear John and Kelsi and Charlotte, I am SO happy you are “picture taking people” – I LOVED your “post” and all the pictures. I have never seen such a GREAT HALLLOWEEN EXPRIENCE!!! THE DOGS MUST HAVE HAD TRANQUILIZERS TO BE SO OBEDIENT. I would have worried they would try to eat the little chick. This year it was a complete failure for me – i went to the theat and left a large bowl of candy on my porch and none was taken I LOVE YOUR COSTUMES. Thanks SO MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR FUN. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH – GRANDMA B

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