Berlin, Germany

After John had been traveling for a couple weeks, Berlin seemed like the perfect place for us to meet up … sans kids.  It was a little hard for me to leave Charlotte and Johnny for 6 nights, but after a long stretch of single parenting, I got over it.

Neither of us had spent much time in Berlin so we really wanted to soak it all in.  The day I arrived happened to be a major holiday in Berlin – the 25th anniversary of the unification of East and West Germany.  The entire city celebrated for days and we were happy to join in.  This tied in perfectly to our history tour where we learned details of Berlin’s history and the impact from the wall dividing the city for 28 years.  One of the major reasons John and I like to travel is to feel the emotions of different cultures and open our minds to different ideologies of the past, present, and future.  The world is a fascinating place.  

We enjoyed our adult only trip to Berlin and tried to feel young and free again even though we still didn’t stay up past 10 pm.  Looking forward to our next time in Europe for new experiences where I hope we have the courage to let our kids join us.  



Bradenburg Gate


Holocaust Memorial


Part of the Berlin Wall


East and West of the Berlin Wall


The Berlin Wall

20151004-IMG_3166 20151004-IMG_3167 20151006-IMG_2822

The Reichstag Building

The Reichstag Building

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