Happenings with Johnny and Charlotte

January through April has been a bit of a blur.  We moved into our house on December 28th and I had no idea how much work still needed to be done.  The new house post will come later but I didn’t want to let these few months go by without acknowledging some major happenings with our family.

First off, the amount of snow we received this winter gave John many opportunities to tractor, i.e. plow snow.  Johnny adapted quickly to such a manly cause.  The rest is history when it comes to Johnny and tractors.



And then Charlotte started skiing… she killed it at 3 years old going down blues by the end of the season.  John has done the same.  My Park City winter wonderland is now complete (besides Johnny).

More importantly, Johnny started preschool at 17 months old.  After taking Charlotte to school for a year and a half, Johnny was eager to go and learn more.  It took some coaxing of the school administrator, but I gave in and let them have Johnny for 3 hours a day.  Of course it was such a bitter sweet moment for me, but the progress I’ve seen has made it all worth it.  He skips into school now (or giddy-ups) with such confidence and would rather not be held by his mama.  And when I pick him up, he’s eager to share his new songs or the latest owie experience (that’s a scratch or bruise).  I just die over his yearning for more, especially to follow in Charlotte’s footsteps.


Lastly, mud season might be the bane of my existence… Hello, Park City.  We love you.


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