John’s 50th Birthday Celebration


So yes, John turned 50.  If you ask me, 50 looks pretty dang amazing on John and this might as well be the prime of his life… I’m just lucky to have joined the ride when I did.  Naturally, the most epic party was in store at our home in Park City, Utah.

The theme/attire was “black tie with an anthropomorphic twist” – not your standard party theme.  You’re probably asking “what? why?”  I’ll explain … If you haven’t had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Mellor, this might be a little hard to understand.  However, for those of you that know John, I’m sure you’ll agree he can be complicated.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that he was born on 6/6/66 and is a single digit gemini – find an astrologist to explain this to you.  Or, maybe it’s where he was born and raised – Little Rock, Arkansas.  Or, possibly it’s because he’s just too smart for his own damn good.  Regardless of the reasons, I can attest that he’s far from simple, contrived, ordinary, or boring.  When it came to his 50th birthday, it had to be complicated, somewhat difficult, and most of all incredibly fun.  And so go most days with John.

A night to remember is never satisfied with words… and neither am I.  Pictures will help, but hopefully the experience we all had will stay with us until we get through this next decade and get to do it all again.  Cheers and hallelujah!  

Much love to everyone that joined us that evening and rung in 50 with a bang!  We were blown away by your energy and goodness.  I’m pretty sure John will not lose sleep over the amount of love, goodness, creativity, and incredible fun he has in his life.

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