First Hay Cut

Our first hay cut in Park City was a success.  John was thrilled to be able to grow, cut, rake, and bale our first crop of hay.  We only get one cutting of hay in Park City, so we try to make it an event.  As a gentleman farmer, John has a limited amount of time to spend on the field… and then you add Park City weather to the whole thing and it becomes pretty unpredictable.  In the end, it brought all of us to a full circle moment since moving from Lehi.  We really missed working the land, which happens to be the reason we want to raise our family in an area where we can always find a good ranch project.  We’re still totally overwhelmed with the projects that pop up on a daily basis around here, but we can always say there’s plenty to do.  Next step at Mellor Ranch is adding some animals (besides Prissy).  Hopefully we can work up to that by next spring.

As you can see below, our kids are just as excited about the whole process as us, John has some pretty fancy farmer shirts, and we’re loving life in the country!


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