Johnny Turns 6

Six years ago our family was completed by John Forrest Mellor, Jr. (aka Johnny). He’s quite possibly the sweetest and coolest little man I know. This world is a better place because Johnny is in it.  He is kind, thoughtful, generous, funny, hardworking, and has an enthusiasm for life that is hard to match.

Johnny’s favorite thing to do is to be outside. It really doesn’t matter what it is, he just “needs to be in nature” as he puts it.  He is usually muddy or dirty and/or carrying a hammer or shovel … unless it’s a recently caught critter.  He is the modern day Huck Finn around Mellor Ranch.  Quarantine has been the best thing that happened to Johnny because he gets to be home (outside) on the ranch.  His love for all things is felt by the earth, wind, trees, dogs, insects, worms, creek, rocks and whatever else might come in his path. I’m pretty sure he is the reason the sun greets us every morning. Johnny is my sunshine. But every once in a while, we get to see the spicy stubborn side of Johnny. It’s usually to combat Charlotte or to make sure we know exactly how deeply he feels. I rarely have to discipline him because he just innately knows when he did something wrong and then truly feels bad. I’m not sure how we got Johnny, but I’ll keep counting my lucky stars.

Johnny is currently loving his kindergarten year at Parley’s Park Elementary. He enjoys school, his friends, his teachers, recess, and special classes such as P.E. and art. Sports are also a major part of Johnny’s day. Soccer has been a highlight but he also loves T-ball, basketball and skiing. As of late, when I ask Johnny what he wants to be when he grows up, he says he wants to be a dog trainer. He is counting down the years until he can have his own dog which will be a black lab.

Through Johnny, our whole family is elevated with love and kindness and a special appreciation for nature. His giggle makes us all feel funny, even when we aren’t – everyone deserves to have Johnny as an audience for a moment because he makes you feel funny, creative and special. In our minds, Johnny is always winning and therefore we are too. Thanks for the last six years. Love you, buddy!

Below are pictures from Johnny’s 6th birthday party. He chose the theme of nacho cheese. We kept it small due to COVID restrictions and were lucky enough to have a beautiful day outside in September. The finale of the party was when Johnny ran through a nacho spray cheese (aka cheese whiz) tunnel. He even went back for one more round. Like I said, the coolest dude I know.

One more moment to remember … Johnny’s actual birthday which fell during the week so we did our best to celebrate on a school night. John even got out the power tools to drill a candle into his ice cream cake. Like father, like son.

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