Charlotte Turns 9

Charlotte Turns 9

Charlotte is one fierce girl. She is bold, determined, strong, smart and beautiful with a little bit of hot sauce on top. She adds depth and intensity to every moment, even when things are mellow. She pushes almost any boundary she’s given which ultimately makes me respect the heck out of her (but also keeps me on my toes as a parent). Life with Charlotte is never dull or easy and I wouldn’t want it any other way. She makes me laugh with her quick wit, gives me fashion advice, and always has a good song to play in the car. Sometimes it feels like we’re just hanging out like best girlfriends. I’m always a little surprised (and honored) when she still wants me to snuggle at night, but it’s mostly so we can chat more. She continues to inspire me to do more and to be more. I want to impress Charlotte and make her proud of who I am. I’ve always felt like I’m here to learn from her… and just maybe some of her strength will rub off on me. So, yes, I’m one lucky mama to get to call Charlotte mine. Stay strong, baby girl! Happy 9th birthday!

Charlotte finished her third year of Spanish dual immersion and is speaking Spanish very well. She loves school and her friends! She is also an avid dancer and competed in Hip Hop and Jazz with her dance team. She continues to love fashion, hip hop music, dancing and art. She also can be an awesome big sister to Johnny and he is wiser, bolder and stronger because of her (like the rest of us). Below are pictures from Charlotte’s 9th birthday party which happened in May. She chose the tie dye theme and invited a small group of close girlfriends. Not sure I captured the actual tie dying part since my hands were covered with dye as I helped six girls nail an epic tie dye session. We celebrated Charlotte’s actual birthday on April 3rd in Mexico. One last note, Charlotte asked for a cat for her 9th birthday and in June, we were able to rescue an adorable black cat she named Zeus.

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