Happy Holidays 2021

We’re so happy to share our holiday card 2021! Our family and two of our dear friends brought this to life. We have to give Brett Bluth a standing ovation for creating and executing the theme. Brett hand painted every brush stroke on the wallpaper that covered our fireplace and floor as well as every brush stroke you see on our white clothing. This really happened in real life (hard to believe these days). We also have to give credit to Phillip Istomin for loving to create and for being the mastermind behind the lens as well as the back of the card. To put the cherry on top of the project, Brett wanted to paint one more brush stroke on each envelope we sent out to our friends and family. Wow, we had fun! Thank you, Brett and Phillip, for making this happen. Not sure how we will ever top it. First photo is the one we sent out, the rest are just as good!

Behind the scene photo.

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