British Virgin Islands 2022

British Virgin Islands 2022

I remember hearing someone say “BVI” and I had to ask what that meant; this very special place in the Caribbean that all the cool people call “BVI”. Our family was lucky enough to experience this very cool acronym last February for ski week. Instead of skiing in Park City, we journeyed on our favorite catamaran, Sea Boss, through BVI. From here, it is only the pictures that can tell the story.

Things to remember… the longest journey to get there (sleeping in the Atlanta airport), lobster, lots of lobster, conch shells, eating fresh conch while snorkeling, fishing, caves, The Baths, snorkeling, pirate night, busting my cheek, glow worms in the water at Anegada, early morning fishing, Hanna and Stu forever, tarpon fishing late at night with the Top Gun song Danger Zone playing, capturing a scale of a fish, paddle boarding, fly fishing with Stu, flamingos, a long walk on Cow Wreck beach and the rum to follow while riding in the back of a truck/taxi, saying a prayer for “Lobby”, the rainbow, Johnny stung by fire coral, hiking up to the ruins of a deserted estate while fighting the bugs, COVID tests via Zoom, forgetting the kids’ bag on our way home, Hanna mailing Charlotte’s favorite buddies and blankies home.

We stand amazed by this place and hope to come back soon.

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