Summer Begins – May/June 2012

We couldn’t be more excited about summer on the Mellor Ranch!  Our weekends are spent outside working and playing until the sun goes down.  There is always plenty to do around here.  John is excited about our growing hay crop.  We have spent a lot of time and effort with irrigation and fertilizing.  We hope to get a few good cuts of hay this year to feed to the horses.

We also have a few new additions to the ranch – six adorable chickens.  Our chicken flock dwindled over the last year to four hens.  We lost our handsome Rooster and two other hens to the misfortune of country life.  Our egg supply should soon be plentiful.

Summer means irrigation time! Might be our favorite day.

Prissy’s idea of Heaven.

John’s idea of Heaven. Prissy got a lucky ride.

Prissy taking charge on the Ranger. She is such a big help.

Ride ’em, cowboy!

Long day.

I think they love each other.

Charlotte’s first Farmer’s Market.

Our newest addition to the ranch, a buff laced polish hen. We call her Phyllis Diller.

First cut of the season.

Happy first Father’s Day to John!

3 responses

  1. I LOVE the Blog! It will be GREAT to keep abreast of happenings on the Mellor Ranch – more importantly, life with CHARLOTTE!! LOVE IT!

  2. Looks like things are busy around the ranch. Charlotte is beautiful! Hopefully we will be able to meet her in person when we’re in town this summer. 🙂

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