Dirty Thirty – August 25, 2012

Alright y’all, it was “Dirty Thirty” time at Mellor Ranch last Saturday night.  We found it fitting to officially celebrate my 30th birthday with a tribute to trailer trash.  Yes, that means we gathered all of our closest friends in our backyard to let out that inner trashy self.  It was definitely a night to remember… and may have been the best night of my life!  Thank you to everyone who helped make this the best birthday ever!  It’s hard to choose all of the highlights, maybe the pictures below will help, but then again, there are many pictures I will refrain from posting on the world wide web … you’re welcome 😉

A huge thank you to our designers and event producers, Ms. Kristina Pluta and Mr. Brett Bluth. First our wedding and now this… you guys rock! We love you almost as much as the nacho cheese fountain 🙂

We have to mention the invitation for the party. A “Redneck Fire Alarm” with bubble wrap and duct tape for an envelope. Keepin’ it trashy!

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