First Tooth

Last Sunday I called John into Charlotte’s room to tell him that I think I felt her first tooth.  He came rushing in and confirmed the fact that yes, it is her first tooth. I just started crying.  It took me a while to understand why such a milestone would send me into tears.  And then it all started to piece together… I just need her to stay a baby forever.  Is that too much to ask?

I guess I’m surprised this whole thing called “motherhood” is completely bittersweet.  At times, I can’t wait for her to utter the word “mama” for the first time or  I can’t wait to finally put her hair into pigtails but, most of the time, I just want to stop the clock and keep her this perfect little baby girl of mine forever.  I can’t believe she just turned 5-months-old.  Do they really keep growing up?  Is this why everyone keeps having babies?  Well, in that case, John, it’s time for a new puppy 😉

Happy first tooth, baby Charlotte!  Mama will let you grow up eventually, but just slow it down some.

Thanks, Prissy, for being a good sport during this photo shoot I insisted on.

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  1. Oh my Beautiful Charlotte! The photo shoot is perfect. She definitely takes after her mama in the photogenic department!! Simply Beautiful!!

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