Happy Halloween

Halloween was a little more exciting this year now that we have baby Charlotte to participate in the festivities!  I just couldn’t wait to dress her up as a lil’ ladybug.  We took her to John’s work party for her first Halloween experience.  Adobe takes this crazy holiday to a whole new level!  They basically shut down for the day to let the employees participate in hosting, what I would call, a Halloween theme park.  It was nuts, especially if you were under the age of 10!  There were over 9,000 people that came through this year.  It took Charlotte some time to figure out her daddy in a Goofy costume (and get use to all the costumes and chaos) but after that, she had a great first Halloween!  Next year, we will have to hit the streets with her.

This year the theme for John and the executive team at Adobe was Disney – John was Goofy with that perfect wave. As far as Charlotte knows, she’s already been to Disneyland.

Oh and I couldn’t complete our Halloween post without sharing my costume this year.  The ever talented Meggan Pingree is fully responsible for making these costumes.  I was honored to have her as my date to a couples party.  John, sorry you were out of town and couldn’t be a unicorn with me.  There’s always next year.

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