Charlotte Lately…

We are constantly taking video of Charlotte’s evolving personality – ah, the benefits of being part of the iPhone-generation.  She’s certainly keeping us busy and entertained.  To say she is strong-willed and persistent is putting it lightly.  John’s mom has kept a family journal for 35 years and when John was 12 she wrote – “Johnny is a hard one to keep in tow – he has to be entertained constantly”.  I’m sure I was the same.  Charlotte definitely has that part of her parents with a ton of energy and focus that needs to be channeled and she may be smarter than both of us.  We’re doing what we can with swimming and running through the backyard.  Pretty sure we have no idea what’s in store for us, but for now, I’ll take every little bit of her and try to capture it just so we don’t miss anything.  We love our Cakes.

P.S. we can hardly wait for her to show up at preschool and introduce herself as “Cakes” 🙂

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