Irrigation Day

Irrigation is one of our favorite things about Mellor Ranch and probably the single biggest thing we’ll miss about Lehi.  A few Sundays ago we got to soak it all in with the first irrigation day of the season.  It was a warm spring day and we spent the afternoon out in the field watching the water come in.  At this point, I’m not sure who is more fascinated by the process – Prissy, Charlotte, or John?  Prissy chases the stream and looks for gophers that are drowning.  Charlotte pulls her weight by telling daddy where to put the pipe and helps carry the shovel until she gets distracted by a dandelion to pick.  John gets his country living fix while talking about the “flow of the stream” with our country neighbors, and how the hay crop is looking this year.  I get to watch the whole process and feel a sense of pride as we work together as a family.  Long live country days on the ranch.

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