Spring Break in Cabo

The first few months of the year seemed to be a little extra long in 2014 and we were so happy to sneak away to Cabo, Mexico for a little spring break.  We love it because it’s a quick three hour direct flight from Salt Lake City and, with Charlotte, this makes all the difference.  We celebrated a few things – John finished a very busy month at work, Charlotte had just turned two and was recovering from her third ear infection in a row, and I made it to the fifth month of pregnancy.  Woo hoo!  Mexico seems to make everything better.  We mostly played in the pool, ate a lot of guacamole, had early bed times with Charlotte, and got through a whole season of Homeland.  I tried staying behind the camera as much as possible while trying to capture eight amazing days of solid family time. We came away feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready for spring in Utah!


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