Charlotte Turns Two!

Oh our sweet baby Charlotte is growing up fast!  It’s hard to believe we have a 2-year-old but it’s also hard to imagine life before Charlotte.  My heart is full of gratitude as I reflect on the last two years and feel so blessed.

I’m proud of the little girl she’s becoming with all of her spice and that sweet, sweet heart.  I love it when she says “mama, you look beautiful” or when she hugs her stuffed animals and tells them “I love you”.  It’s adorable to see her go through a whole circle of emotions with Prissy from frustration, to anger, to apologizing, and then to hugs.  I melt every time she tilts her head and says “Cakes likes it” about a song, food, stickers, a friend, or an outfit.  I admire her determination with any sort of buckle, putting on shoes, hanging up a shirt, getting out of the crib and then back in, or taking her toy stroller up a flight of stairs.  We laugh every time she attempts to count to ten “one, two, three, four, eleven, eight, knock at the door”.  I enjoy seeing her feel a sense of accomplishment with each new development whether it’s outside on the swing set, at swimming lessons, carrying multiple rocks, or at gymnastics.  Her obsession with books gives me great comfort as I see her face light up with each new page.  I hope she never loses that curiosity.  And to think this is only the beginning.  It’s a big world out there and I’m excited to see Charlotte continue to discover it.

To celebrate, we had a small dinner at home with John, Charlotte, Prissy, and myself.  She got to have her own cake and blow out TWO candles.  We then revealed her birthday present… a Red Flyer Tricycle.  We have all summer to master that one.  The next day we invited her cousins and grandparents over for a little party.  She loved all the attention and even sang happy birthday to herself by the end of the second day celebration.  Happy second birthday, Charlotte!

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