New Mellor Baby Boy

We’re excited to announce we have a new baby on the way and we’re also excited to announce it’s a boy.  I’ve made it to 16 weeks now and maybe, just maybe, the morning sickness is starting to ease up.  The fun can begin!  We get to start shopping, pick out a name, and try to convince Charlotte that this is the best thing to happen to her…  she gets to be a big sister!  The things we’ll do for our children, like go through pregnancy again so they have a sibling.  It seemed so logical before I was throwing up every day.  Can’t wait for September to welcome our new baby boy – Charlotte will have someone to pick on besides Prissy, we haven’t exceeded man-to-man defense, and John will have someone to inherit his boots (aka “we’re done”).



Charlotte just realized she’s not going to be the only one anymore


But, she got over it pretty quick!






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