First Hay Cut of the Season

First hay cut of the season is like a holiday for Mellor Ranch.  John waits patiently all year long for that first swipe at the field.  The timing of when to cut is very important in order to produce the best results.  A local farmer suggested we wait until the end of June this year to “double our yield” which was like music to John’s ears and so he listened.  We also have to time it just right with the weather conditions since it takes several days for the hay to dry out before you can bale it.  It’s quite a complicated process for a gentleman rancher with a full-time job – the cutting, the raking, the baling.  As luck would have it, it rained a little on the last day but we think the hay is going to survive.  We got 175 bales (about 10,000 pounds) which will last our two horses almost a full year.  Well done, farmer John.

Also, how can I not document Miss Charlotte’s first pigtails on this special holiday of ours.  I too have waited patiently for this – over two years!  Charlotte is fitting right in on the ranch with her country girl self.

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