July 4th Week

The 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays and we got to celebrate it all week long (thanks, Adobe, for giving John the week off).  We decided to stay close to home this year since I’m in the third trimester.  We did our best to make the most of every day.  The week started off  with irrigation on a hot summer day which is kind of the perfect way to spend any hot afternoon on the ranch.  We all love to soak our tootsies!  We enjoyed our slow evenings at home with some good summer meals.  Charlotte is a huge fan of corn on the cob and she eats her corn like me, with the “hunt and peck” method.  John has such a hard time with this because he thinks it’s inefficient – sorry John, we’re just free spirits.

One day we headed up to the zoo and Charlotte always loves animals.  It was a great activity in the morning before it got too hot.

We then headed up to Park City for two nights over the 4th to get some rest and relaxation at the Waldorf.  The Waldorf does fireworks the evening of the 3rd and they were fun to watch from our hotel balcony until they woke up Charlotte.  She’s never gotten up in the night before, but she was absolutely wide awake and didn’t calm down for 2 hours.  That was a long night!

The parade on Main Street was such a delight with tractors, horses, and American flags. Can’t wait to call Park City our home town!  The next day we spent some time at The Canyons.  Charlotte loved the gondola rides and John got a little bit of “mountain time”.  Utah is really incredible in the summer and we had such a fun week enjoying all of its beauty.  Happy 4th of July week!

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