The Move to Park City

August 2014 was one of those months I really don’t want to remember.  It was consumed with the task of moving our family to Park City during my 9th month of pregnancy.  We wanted to move to Park City so Charlotte could start preschool before the baby came and so we could be close to the building site of our new home.   We were able to find a great house to rent for the next year or so and made the move at the end of August.  It was a little sad to say goodbye to our Lehi house – we made so many memories there that we will never forget.  Lehi is where we got married, brought home our first baby and really became a family.  Lehi will always hold a special place in our hearts but we’re excited for the next chapter in Park City.  We didn’t capture very many pictures of this less-than-glamorous ordeal but we definitely wanted to make sure this one was in the books.  (p.s. our Lehi house is still for sale if anyone wants to buy it:-))

20140822-IMG_8675 20140822-IMG_1244 20140823-IMG_1248 20140823-IMG_1247



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