Charlotte’s First Day of Preschool

Oh that bitter-sweet moment of Charlotte starting pre-school – I wanted to cry and celebrate at the same time.  I can’t believe she’s old enough to go to school and I can’t believe how much this very energetic 2 1/2-year-old girl needs school.  Entertaining Charlotte all day every day is not for the meek or mild.  We knew she was ready to be challenged in a new way anYd it would be great for her to spend a few hours a day away from home so we all could maintain our sanity, especially with the arrival of her baby brother.

The first day was such a success.  I was so relieved to see her run into school with excitement and confidence.  She waved bye to me at the door and hasn’t looked back since.  It’s such a joy to pick her up everyday and hear the tales of a toddler’s day at school.  She has really blossomed in only a month.  Her vocabulary and social skills are surprising me everyday.  We couldn’t be happier with the Montessori method and the life skills she’s learning.  Congratulations, Charlotte!  We’re so proud of you!


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School pic 2014

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