Halloween 2014

I’m about a month behind on most things these days.  There is laundry to do and emails to return but I’m probably not going to care about or remember either of those things in a few years.  I will, however, want to remember the cutest Tinker Bell fluttering around Halloween 2014.  Charlotte was out of her head this year with all of the costumes and excitement.  She got to dress up for school and then hit Park City Main Street.  We’re all living vicariously through this enthusiastic toddler!  Her daddy was delighted to indulge her imagination and dress up as Captain Hook.  Mommy and baby Johnny were just happy to make it out of the house.  Until next Halloween…

20141030-IMG_1464 20141030-IMG_1465 20141030-IMG_1467 20141031-IMG_1490 20141031-IMG_1504 20141031-IMG_1506 20141031-IMG_1520 20141101-IMG_1524

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