Johnny’s Firsts

There have been a lot of firsts around here lately and some just need to be documented…

Johnny’s first rollover was on January 5th at almost 4 months old.  I have a video below showing all of his hard work.  He then went on to give us grief for at least a month getting stuck on his tummy.  Glad we worked through that one.

Now onto solid food – one evening Charlotte and I decided to introduce Johnny to his first bite of rice cereal at about 5 months old.  He’s now become a big fan of rice cereal and sweet potatoes.  It’s hard to keep up with this big guy’s hearty appetite.

And last but not least, his first tooth appeared last week on March 2nd at almost 6 months old.  He now has two little teeth on the bottom.    We sure love this little buddy of ours and are so excited about each milestone.  Up next… the big 6 month mark.  Oh my it’s going so fast with the second.


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