Johnny Turns 6 Months Old!

I sound very cliche when I say this, but I really can’t believe Johnny is already six months old.  It kind of feels like he’s always been around but I also have no idea where the last six months have gone.  He’s just exploded with this adorable personality lately and slowly becoming a little person.  His giggles will get me through anything and I’ll do whatever it takes to squeeze them out of him.  Charlotte is also getting addicted to making him laugh.  I had no idea how full my heart would feel when I see the both of them interact and make each other smile.  I’m convinced Johnny’s favorite person right now is Charlotte.  It’s the cutest little duo you’ve ever seen.  And boy, this duo is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  I guess that’s where the last six months have gone.

Johnny seems to have a more easy going, happy personality at this age.  I really couldn’t ask for more… well except if he would sleep past 6am.  I think he’s just hungry after 11 hours of sleep (I really shouldn’t complain).  He’s a big boy and it certainly takes a lot of calories to maintain and grow that size.  I just had to get him new clothes again – size 12 months.

A few simple facts about Johnny at six months – he’s sleeping from 7pm to 6am with an occasional wake up in the middle of the night for a bottle.  He’s rolling over, eating rice cereal and baby food, has his first two teeth, is attempting to crawl, needs mama a lot, loves his big sister the most, flirts with pretty blondes, and melts my heart daily with his loving gaze.  I will say that he’s a total mama’s boy and I think I’m okay with that –  basically the opposite of Little Miss Independent Charlotte.

We love our baby Johnny and are so excited to have him part of the family.  I can’t wait to see him develop and become a little boy.  Time is flying and I just hope I don’t forget these long days as a mother of two littles.  I really wouldn’t have it any other way.  We love you, Johnny.  Happy six months!

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20150309-IMG_8887 20150309-IMG_8908 20150309-IMG_8930

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