We’re Framing

It was just one of those days … a sunny Sunday afternoon and “Rocket Man” playing as we drove to see the latest developments at our future home.  A lot has changed in six months since demolition.  Luckily, we’ve had the most mild winter Park City has ever seen.  It’s exciting to say we’re in the framing process.  And yet, we still have another 6-7 months until we can call this place our new home.

We loved seeing Prissy run through the hallways and Charlotte twirling in her soon to be bedroom.  John took in the views with Johnny in the Baby Bjorn.  We’re so excited about this new house.  It kind of feels like another child.  We’ve honestly thought about every inch and we’re so thankful for the wonderful team bringing it all together.  It’s an amazing process to be a part of.  The countdown has begun.  We plan to spend every sunny Sunday afternoon taking it all in.

20150322-IMG_8986 20150322-IMG_8995 20150322-IMG_9016 20150322-IMG_9017 20150322-IMG_9026 20150322-IMG_9042 20150322-IMG_9051 20150322-IMG_9057 20150322-IMG_9061 20150322-IMG_9080 20150322-IMG_9086 20150322-IMG_9097

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