Charlotte Turns 3!

And then she turned three.  My heart continues to grow in love and adoration for this girl.  When you think a heart can’t take anymore, it just bursts from one moment to the next.  I suppose this is what being a parent is all about – the good, the bad, and then the really good.

I’m so proud of our Charlotte on her third birthday.  She’s the girl of my dreams to put it simply.

Charlotte greets everyday with with a big smile and lots of energy!  She’s the epitome of living in the moment… which means there’s never a dull moment.  I love her spunk, her charm, and her sweet heart.  It’s such a joy to see her walk into school with confidence and kindness.  I try to embrace the daily fight of getting dressed each morning – it just has to be twirly, sparkly, or both.  But when I see her twirl for her friends at school, it all makes sense.  One of my favorite parts of the day is our drive home from school.  It’s fascinating to get a peak into the three hours she spent away from home.  I’m always left wanting more from this enchanting girl.  She usually ends up asking me how my day has gone so far, and then I melt.  I also try to enjoy the daily fight of eating a meal.  Apparently, she’s just not into eating – or maybe she’s figured out a way to manipulate my undivided attention for 30 minutes per meal.  Some of her requests lately are pancakes, over easy eggs, peanut butter, and the ongoing favorite “picnic”.  I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to the makeup counter in my bathroom.  We talk endlessly over lipstick color, lip gloss, sparkles, blush, etc.  And then we have nails to consider.  Like I said, the girl of my dreams.

Charlotte has become a little person in every way.  The way she genuinely says “thank you” or “I love you” makes everything seem okay.  She knows how to turn my “mad” to “happy” in a matter of seconds with a brief song she learned from Tigey – “Take a deep breath and count to four”.  It’s funny how that really works.  Thanks, Charlotte, for keeping things in perspective.  I should also mention her obsession with anything having to do with a princess costume.  At home she is in full princess attire at all times.  I wish I could do the same.  And then there is dancing… again, in full costume.  When the perfect song comes on, the perfect dress must be worn as well.  Charlotte’s dancing will make anyone happy, especially Johnny.  Last but not least, there is mermaid Charlotte at this perfect age of three.  Swimming has become one of her favorite things.  To see her jump into the pool with such ambition is thrilling.  This girl has no fear… heaven help us.  There’s always something to conquer in Charlotte’s world.  I just can’t wait to see the years unfold with her.  Somehow we need to borrow or steal some of her energy (or spunk) to keep up.  Carry on, Charlotte.  The world is yours.

The pictures below are from Charlotte’s very special birthday on April 3rd, 2015.  The day started off with daddy making her favorite breakfast – pancakes.  Then she opened some of her presents – a purple balance bike, a kitty helmet, and the most sparkly gold shoes.  She was over the moon.  Charlotte and mommy continued the day with a special date at the Disney Store (our first time ever).  Oh my, princess overload!  We also had time to stop by the nail salon on our way home to get some sparkly nails.  That evening we had family over for a small princess celebration with pizza, a purple sparkly cake, and a piñata.  Happy third birthday, Charlotte!

20150403-IMG_9108 20150403-IMG_9122 20150403-IMG_9145 20150403-IMG_9152 20150403-IMG_9162 20150403-IMG_9166 20150403-IMG_9185 20150403-IMG_9199 20150403-IMG_9209 20150403-IMG_9220 20150403-IMG_9234 20150403-IMG_9243 20150403-IMG_9255 20150403-IMG_9267 20150403-IMG_9284 20150403-IMG_9285 20150403-IMG_9293 20150403-IMG_9299

We celebrated Charlotte’s birthday with her class at school a week later after everyone returned from Spring Break.  They did this little ceremony with Charlotte and the earth traveling around the “sun” three times to represent her turning three.  Then we all sang happy birthday and she got to blow out the candle which represented the sun.  John and I were so happy to be a part of her class and enjoy this special moment with her.

20150414-IMG_9857 20150414-IMG_9863 20150414-IMG_9872 20150414-IMG_9875 20150414-IMG_9880 20150414-IMG_9885

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