Disneyland… They say it’s the happiest place on earth.  We know one little girl that totally agrees!

We decided to kick off John’s six week sabbatical with a dream come true for our Princess Charlotte – three days in Disneyland.  The focus of our entire trip was everything princess (sorry Johnny, your time will come).  It was the kind of magic we knew Charlotte would die over at the perfect age of three.  With that said, we hope she doesn’t think this kind of trip is going to become a tradition.  It’s a sabbatical that comes maybe once every five to ten years 😉  Pretty sure Johnny won’t be asking to go back anytime soon.

On our first day, we entered the park right when the parade was going on.  We saw every princess that ever existed in the first 15 minutes.  I think I was just as star struck as Charlotte.  From that moment forward, it all became a little blurry with sparkles, sugar, flashing lights, loud music, and lots of people.

The second day was Charlotte’s princess makeover at the Bippity Boppity Boo boutique.  After hair, makeup, nails, and a costume change she was transformed into her princess of choice, Sleeping Beauty.  She was then escorted to meet several princesses one by one.  They all made her feel so special and even indulged her with some twirling.  I don’t think we can ever top this day for Charlotte.  

We spent the third day at California Adventure.  The awe and fascination continued with the whole “Frozen” experience.  We lunched at Ariel’s Grotto where Charlotte was able to meet even more princesses.  At this point, Johnny was learning how to endure by becoming completely  enamored with the pretty ladies.  Apparently, Ariel stole his heart.  The grand finale of our trip was a family ride on Mickey’s Wheel.  I’m not sure words or pictures can ever do it justice but we are all grateful for the magic of Disney and for making our little girl’s dreams come true.  Until next time, or not.

*John had a small “owie” on his nose that required a band-aid and Charlotte insisted it be a princess band-aid

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