Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

We continued John’s sabbatical with some beach time in Dominican Republic.  This place has been on our list for a while and we decided it was the perfect time to brave it with our two young kids.

It was an amazing destination with plenty of adventure for the four of us.  The ocean water was warm, calm, and crystal clear.  I felt like we were in a kiddie pool most of the time – perfect conditions for the Mellor Mermaids.  The beaches weren’t crowded and full of beautiful white sand.  (One downfall was the excessive amount of seaweed on the beaches while we were there.  Guess it’s a seasonal thing.)  The house we stayed in had the cutest southern charm with plenty of space for the kids to play.  We even had a pet iguana on the property that Charlotte fed (from a distance, of course).  Golf carts and bikes were our main means of transportation to and from beaches and restaurants.  It was quiet and relaxing with plenty of sunshine and food to last us the rest of the year.  

One day we ventured out on a boat to do some mermaiding – snorkeling and visiting secluded beaches.  We were so proud of Charlotte for jumping into the ocean and feeding fish.  Johnny also was inducted into the mermaid/man club when we made him leave the boat.  This trip was a major milestone for Johnny when he earned his place in the family with the nickname El Jefe (a.k.a. the boss).  The days passed by and we quickly became accustomed to island life.  We spent most waking hours in the pool to stay cool, only breaking for meals and naps.  By the last day, most of us were ready to head back home.  We’ve learned our kids start to get home sick around day seven which is also when we as parent are pretty much exhausted.   It’s never easy to travel with these kids at their ages of 3 and 9 months, but the journey is always well worth it.  

I’m grateful we were able to experience Dominican Republic together as a family and create some incredible memories.   Also, a huge thanks to Adobe for providing John with an amazing six weeks off where he truly got to unwind and spoiled us with lots of daddy time.   It was a very special time for our family that we will always remember.   One more thing, we couldn’t have braved this adventure without our right hand girl, Alli.  Thanks for putting up with all four of us!  

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