Mellor Ranch Completed

Mellor Ranch Completed

It’s a thrill and a pleasure to officially say Mellor Ranch has been completed.  It took 23 months from start to finish with another 10 months of settling in which included contractors, landscapers, and a lot of little things to figure out.  We would love to share a little bit about the journey that got us here as well as some photos from the house and property.

To start, John and I are both country folks at heart.  We love to get lost on a ranch either on the tractor or attending to animals and/or children.  And the thought of a barn with animals, and the associated chores, has always been a dream for our family.  We were lucky enough to find a beautiful property in Park City that fit exactly what we were looking for.  The property had a cool barn and out-buildings, but we needed to start over with the house.  This ended up being a journey that, while it took almost 2 years, was an opportunity to design and build our dream home.  It was the most hectic period of our life thus far – we were trying to sell our house in Lehi while living in a rental house in Park City while designing and building this new house and having our second (and last) child.  We loved it, but I’m not sure we knew what we were getting in to.  We can now call this home our dream home.  I refer to it as our ‘forever home’.  John says that’s a good thing because it’s going to take ‘forever’ to pay for it.   I’ve told everyone I plan to die here.  It felt like a third child to us – taking a bit of our heart and soul with every nook and cranny.  If that isn’t dramatic enough, I could go on, but will stop.

We got through it with the help of some incredible partners – PUREfourhundred (Kristina and Brett) for real estate and design, Jack Thomas (Jack and Ron) for architecture, and MCC (Gary, Blaine, and Glen) for building.  We had the best experience with each group and feel lucky to have experienced their talent and hard work.

You can usually find us here all weekend without leaving and hope to have plenty of visitors and many more memories to come at Mellor Ranch.

Pictures currently only give a glimpse into the life we hope to create with our young family.  We’re grateful to call this place our home.





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