Munich, Germany (Nov 2016)

Maybe it’s the charming cities that feel like Hansel and Gretel, the warmth and heartiness of the people, or possibly it’s the beer and hearty food that makes us love this country.  Whatever the draw is, Germany feels close to home.  Both John and I can trace part of our ancestry to Europe, so it’s only natural we have a soft spot in our hearts for this place.

Munich seemed to sum up all of the above plus more.  It was a bit colder than expected but we found great comfort in pork knuckle and beer.  John had a few days off of work when we were able to explore and experience (sans children).  I found plenty to do while he was working… mostly wandering alone for the first time in months.  We loved touring and staying in Munich but then found ourselves on a train to Salzburg, Austria for the day.  We talked, ate, drank, and lived like Europeans for a short while (and also froze our butts off). 

Our last stop was Hamburg where we were both surprised by the beauty and charm this city had to offer.  It didn’t have quite the countryside feel of Munich, but we found ourselves, once again, loving this country. 

John and I had eight days in total together in Germany without our kids.  I started to unravel the last couple of days, but pretty sure the kids didn’t skip a beat.  It was much appreciated adult time and all the things a (young) couple in love needs 😉  Love you, Germany.

Below are pictures from Munich:20161114-jc3a205820161114-jc3a206720161114-jc3a204720161112-jc3a196320161112-jc3a196620161112-jc3a195920161112-jc3a199420161114-jc3a205220161112-jc3a200520161115-jc3a209420161115-jc3a2105img_5427img_5425img_5424

A few pictures from Salzburg:20161113-jc3a2019img_5437img_5439

Pictures from Hamburg: 20161117-jc3a212820161117-jc3a213820161117-jc3a215920161117-jc3a217120161117-jc3a216320161117-jc3a221320161117-jc3a222320161117-jc3a2249

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