Cabo – Thanksgiving 2020

Cabo – Thanksgiving 2020

We snuck away to Cabo last November to celebrate Thanksgiving pandemic style. We needed some sun, sand and I suppose a little isolation for yet another big holiday. It was our first time at the beautiful Montage resort in Cabo. The water was actually swimmable and warm, the grounds and pools were expansive, the food was amazing, and the staff was incredibly kind and helpful. We felt safe and alone and spent all of our daylight hours outside. Our modified Thanksgiving was a total success (minus a turkey in a warm kitchen on a cold and snowy day in Park City, Utah… oh well).

Things to remember: Charlotte and Johnny crashing into the waves on our first night as the sun went down, cheese grater sand, room service breakfast on balcony, Johnny catching a fish in his net, cabana with fruit and drinks and fried crickets, the ocean bicycle, walking to our room in the dark, playing in the giant pool, the cheese grater sand once again, fireworks Thanksgiving night, the outdoor shower, green hair, Montage merit badges, sea turtles hatching and running into the ocean, the giant blue floatie island Charlotte and Johnny played on for hours and hours, making socially distanced friends, delicious and expensive margaritas, the champagne party where we all danced, our family relying on each other as we live and thrive through these unprecedented times, me never wanting to change anything and hoping we can all freeze forever in Cabo.

So… happy Thanksgiving 2020 pandemic style.

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