The Bahamas / Exumas February 2021

The Bahamas / Exumas February 2021

Bermuda, Bahama, Come on pretty mama…

Words will definitely fall short to describe the incredible experience we were able to enjoy in the Exumas (Bahamas) on our first chartered catamaran.  For Park City’s “ski week” we escaped the snow (and anything to do with Covid) and disappeared into the turquoise Caribbean water where we truly wanted to stay forever.  It was just our family of four along with a husband/wife crew as we island hopped chasing sandbars into the sunset.  I tried to document the awesomeness of it all below with pictures, but they really don’t do it justice.  Thank you Mother Earth, The Bahamas, and of most of all, Stu and Hannah for our best vacation ever.  Like seriously.  (Keep singing Beach Boys…)

Things to remember:  Basically EVERYTHING, three meals a day with Chef Hannah, Captain Stu navigating, sand bars, sharks, turtles, Sea Boss, more sand bars, stingray shuffle, holding onto the tube with Captain Stu, swimming with nurse sharks, pig island, iguana island, conch shells, creating a new family color that only exists in the Bahamas called Bahama, the gentle rocking of the boat at night, sunsets, fancy drinks, snorkeling, the ocean currents that felt like rivers, exploring Boo Boo Hill, Thunderball grotto, sun burns, rashes, the Covid test on the beach, Charlotte hanging out with Chef Hannah, sand dollars, Charlotte and Johnny’s wrestling matches on the tube, way too much time at Atlanta airport, living every minute to the fullest.  We truly can’t wait to go back to Sea Boss with Hannah and Stu. 

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