Charlotte Turns 11

Our Charlotte continues to shape our universe. She‘s far beyond her years and her current age of 11 doesn’t quite fit her much older soul. I don’t want her to ever feel like she has to fit into a box, certainly not an age box. So we will continue on this journey of trying to “parent” her and also just let her “Charlotteness” flourish. She is an amazing person with so much she’s contributing to this world.

Charlotte’s passion for dance is still taking up most of her time (we miss her at home). It’s amazing to watch her evolve on the stage. Her dance company competed at many competitions this spring and she took her solo to Nationals in Anaheim, California. We’re proud of her commitment and hard work. She’s also en pointe in her ballet thanks to her hard work and help from her teacher Natalia.

Charlotte’s cat, Zeus, passed away unexpectedly last August and was replaced by Mochi who is the sweetest addition to our family. Zeus’ passing was a very sad time for Charlotte, but she persevered through it and came out stronger on the other side.

Charlotte graduated Parley’s Park Elementary (5th grade) with the Spanish dual immersion program. She’s now on her way to Ecker Middle School. Wow! It’s all gone by too fast!

Lastly, we have to mention Charlotte’s 11th birthday party. She wanted to do a rooftop pool party at the Pendry Hotel in Park City. It happened to snow several feet the night before and school was canceled the day of her party. We were still able to do the party with some fun snow challenges, but spent most of the time indoors at the Disco Pizza restaurant with music, lights, games, food and a giant chocolate cake. Happy 11th birthday, Charlotte! Please don’t grow up any faster.

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