Bahamas 2023

Bahamas 2023

We went back to the beautiful Bahamas for Spring Break. I think I’ve said this before, but words can’t really describe this place. I’ll try a little… but it’s best left to pictures.

The water is that color you only thought was fake in photos, the catamaran is like a floating hotel, the nurse sharks are like cute stray cats, the sandbars feel like Mars, the conch shell blowing is our music class, the meals are an expedition in and of themselves, the snorkeling is like a National Geographic show and is now turning into free-diving, the amount of sunscreen needed is equivalent to your daily water intake, the yachts are inspiring/ridiculous, the remoras are real and the most annoying fish, the calm that being on the ocean brings is actually a true story and not a pirate’s tale, and lastly, the new adventures everyday never cease to fulfill all four of our wanderlust souls (a considerable feat).

Things to remember: The water park at Baja Mar before we went on the boat, Bahamas turquoise, nurse sharks, Easter egg hunt on a deserted island, breakfast, lunch, dinner, lazy rivers, Johnny getting locked in bathroom, John’s iPhone taking one for the team, Charlotte finding my Apple Watch in the ocean, being pulled on paddle boards, tubing, fishing (catching a shark … kind of), conch, remoras, barracudas, turtles, lizards, jumping off the boat, free-diving, Pablo’s plane, Charlotte and Johnny driving the boat, ChatGPT writing a script for us, boating/hiking/walking in the rain on a deserted island, wave diving/flipping, walking on the ocean floor with a rock, crab races, bug bites, sand bars, sunsets, rain, Phase 10, the (?) baths, wetsuits, paddle boarding, feeding/petting nurse sharks, the Bahamas playlist, Mucho Gusto, Hannah and Dom, calm, never wanting it to end.

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