Fall and Huck Finn

We had a special Sunday in fall where I whipped out my good camera to document a few moments around the ranch. We were aiming to do a mock-up of our family Christmas card shoot which involved a homemade raft and some very Huck Finn kids living their usual life. It was all too good not to document. Oh and there were some elk that came to visit in the morning while the camera was out.

Hay Day 2020

Hay Day 2020

Make hay while the sun shines… maybe that’s our family motto or at least it’s our annual family holiday (a.k.a. Hay Day)! It’s usually a week long process that blends into this wholesome family activity that feeds our country souls. This year made it feel even more precious as we held on tighter to everything that felt safe and whole and could help us escape the troubling times of COVID. Just get on the tractor and feel the vibration, smell the fresh cut grass, see the dogs chase voles, show the kids what it’s really like to be a (gentleman) farmer.

Also, pictured below is our garden… the newest addition to Mellor Ranch.

Christmas in Playa 2020

Christmas in Playa 2020

So I guess the Mexican flag is also our family’s Christmas flag (at least it’s green and red). We enjoyed another peaceful seven days in Mexico with just our team Mellor to celebrate each others’ company along with the Christmas holiday. Santa came on a jet ski this year and brought a few toys for our stockings. We mostly remember swimming in the ocean, digging in the sand, eating amazing meals (including crickets), talking and playing, talking and playing. And that was our Christmas 2020. (If I could, I would put it in a bag and freeze it forever.)

Johnny Turns 6

Six years ago our family was completed by John Forrest Mellor, Jr. (aka Johnny). He’s quite possibly the sweetest and coolest little man I know. This world is a better place because Johnny is in it.  He is kind, thoughtful, generous, funny, hardworking, and has an enthusiasm for life that is hard to match.

Johnny’s favorite thing to do is to be outside. It really doesn’t matter what it is, he just “needs to be in nature” as he puts it.  He is usually muddy or dirty and/or carrying a hammer or shovel … unless it’s a recently caught critter.  He is the modern day Huck Finn around Mellor Ranch.  Quarantine has been the best thing that happened to Johnny because he gets to be home (outside) on the ranch.  His love for all things is felt by the earth, wind, trees, dogs, insects, worms, creek, rocks and whatever else might come in his path. I’m pretty sure he is the reason the sun greets us every morning. Johnny is my sunshine. But every once in a while, we get to see the spicy stubborn side of Johnny. It’s usually to combat Charlotte or to make sure we know exactly how deeply he feels. I rarely have to discipline him because he just innately knows when he did something wrong and then truly feels bad. I’m not sure how we got Johnny, but I’ll keep counting my lucky stars.

Johnny is currently loving his kindergarten year at Parley’s Park Elementary. He enjoys school, his friends, his teachers, recess, and special classes such as P.E. and art. Sports are also a major part of Johnny’s day. Soccer has been a highlight but he also loves T-ball, basketball and skiing. As of late, when I ask Johnny what he wants to be when he grows up, he says he wants to be a dog trainer. He is counting down the years until he can have his own dog which will be a black lab.

Through Johnny, our whole family is elevated with love and kindness and a special appreciation for nature. His giggle makes us all feel funny, even when we aren’t – everyone deserves to have Johnny as an audience for a moment because he makes you feel funny, creative and special. In our minds, Johnny is always winning and therefore we are too. Thanks for the last six years. Love you, buddy!

Below are pictures from Johnny’s 6th birthday party. He chose the theme of nacho cheese. We kept it small due to COVID restrictions and were lucky enough to have a beautiful day outside in September. The finale of the party was when Johnny ran through a nacho spray cheese (aka cheese whiz) tunnel. He even went back for one more round. Like I said, the coolest dude I know.

One more moment to remember … Johnny’s actual birthday which fell during the week so we did our best to celebrate on a school night. John even got out the power tools to drill a candle into his ice cream cake. Like father, like son.

Playa del Carmen in July

Playa del Carmen in July

This year has definitely been different … let’s just call it the year of COVID (dun dun dun). Most everything has been affected, especially travel. We had big plans to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary in Bora Bora (a bucket list trip for us); we were even going to bring the kids. But, that just wasn’t going to happen this year. Luckily, we were able to get away to one of our favorite spots in Mexico. For just a minute, we felt free from the stress of this crazy year. Socially distanced time in the sun, sand, ocean and a few margaritas fed our wanderlust souls as we celebrated 10 years of love and marriage. What a beautiful life we’ve created, John. Cheers to many more years!

Quarantine 2020

On March 13th, 2020 the world shut down due to the spread of COVID-19. School was canceled and we were asked to shelter-in-place. Thus began quarantine 2020. Originally, it was suppose to be for two weeks which then lead to a month and then just kept going into the summer. It was/still is a time in life we will never forget. We can’t imagine the stories we will tell or the books they will write about this incredibly complicated time in history when a global pandemic took over the world.

The Mellor family grew to love quarantine 2020 and we still miss the simplicity of never leaving the ranch. The hours blended into days and the days blended into weeks and I’m still not sure what happened from March until July. And that is what we miss; the hours and days that just became one and nothing else mattered but being together and safe and… what was for dinner. Of course, there were moments when I completely lost my cool and everything was thrown out the window, especially with online homeschool. There were also the moments when the kids learned to scrub toilets as we cleaned the entire house together. We felt exhausted and completely fulfilled through hard work that connected us to the greater good of our family. I would like to say we had a tiny taste of how our past generations lived life – just forced by a pandemic for us.

We’ve never felt more incredibly grateful and sustained to live in Park City. The term “love where you live” is still ringing in our ears. We miss Europe and airplanes and the excitement of travel, but Park City has shown up for us in every way. We are lucky to have amazing friends and schools open to see us through to the other side. We can’t wait to see what that new world looks like, post-pandemic. As I’m writing this at the end of October, cases are surging all over the world and breaking records in Utah. It’s starting to feel scary again; the great unknown of what this looks like come December makes us cringe. However, we figured it out before and now we might even look forward to the next time our family quarantines at Mellor Ranch… as long as we continue to avoid getting sick. Who knows, we may even get to eat those 200 frozen burritos John bought back in March 😉

We hope all of our family, extended family and friends continue to stay safe and healthy. We hope our country learns from these tragic and confusing times. We also hope our family never forgets quarantine 2020 and knows we now hold this secret super power called “quarantine”. Until this never happens again…

Some of our favorite journalistic photos below… not necessarily in order because it really all does blend in (and there were like 500 good photos). Feeling overwhelmed with gratitude to be alive and to live on through these moments.

Charlotte Turns 8!

20200403-JC3A2544Watch out world, Charlotte turned 8!  That fire in her eyes gets stronger every year.  I’m about to hang up my hat and let her take over… like she was born to do.

The depth and strength of Charlotte is hard to follow and especially mother.  She’s exhausting… in all the right ways.  I truly adore her and want to spend all of my time with her, until I grow weary from her endless curiosity, determination, and intensity.  She makes every day better just because she is Charlotte and I get be around her (for now), and then I need to go to bed.

I’m afraid of saying everything is “for now” because that’s the hard truth.  I don’t ever want her to stop talking or ask questions or demand that Alexa play her favorite pop song.  I also don’t want her to stop asking for snuggles so we can have girl time chats or stop adoring her little brother.  But then, she’s already eluding to her older self and I’m about to protest.  That internal fire she has keeps leading her and guiding her far beyond her years.

So yes she is 8… for now.  But it feels as though her spirit is older than mine and it’s trying to live in this special place she calls Charlotte.  I’ll try to keep up with her and keep her close for as long as I can.  The only thing okay about her getting older is witnessing the evolution of Charlotte.

Keep that fire, baby girl!

This past year Charlotte has been into ice skating, Spanish, skiing, dance, hip hop, fashion, make-up, roller blading, cooking, crafting, and always creating.

Charlotte’s birthday was on April 3rd – deep into quarantine 2020.  She still had the best day.  The morning started with an electric scooter and a pass on virtual school work then an awesome drive-by parade with our friends and neighbors inspired by her theme the 1980’s.  It was topped off with take-out sushi and a beautiful cake.  A day to remember in all of our books.


Christmas in Playa del Carmen 2019

The Christmas holiday seems to get better and better as the kids get older.  I’m sure that will change at some point, but for now we love to sneak away and spend a week with our little crew where we all have plenty of activities we love.  Our favorite part is how we open a few small presents on Christmas morning and by 9:00 am they’re all forgotten and we’re on the beach.
This year was about building sand creatures, jumping off paddle boards, snorkeling, shell hunting, and pretty much anything else you can do in an ocean.
We visited Tulum to take in a little history and culture.  Charlotte was intrigued.  Johnny spotted every iguana.
My personal highlight of the trip was our catamaran trip.  We got lucky with the weather and upgrade on our boat due to mechanical issues.  It was a beautiful day on the crystal clear water as we sailed with our music jamming.  When we anchored, we snorkeled to see all of the bright happy fish and even found a few starfishes.  It was calm and so beautiful.  To top it off, the kids decided to jump off the boat into the perfect ocean like it was a swimming pool.  John and I followed suit.  Video below.  Dreamy times.
Thank you, Santa, for another amazing Christmas in paradise!  I’ll keep hiding our Park City address from you for now.  Xoxo

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Kauai 2019

Kauai 2019

We had the wonderful opportunity to go to Kauai in October for John’s niece’s wedding.  Hawaii + family = bliss.

Most days we woke up before the sun to hunt for shells and critters in the tide pools, sometimes in our pajamas.  As we made sand castles, we watched the clock, waiting for Starbucks to open.  We eventually forgot about time and soaked in every juicy moment.  There were crabs, sea cucumbers, geckos, fish, a giant toad, and breaks for shaved ice to top it all off.  Our back flips and diving skills were perfected and the whole family even went down the water slide.

One of our favorite days was an incredible hike up to Secret Falls with Uncle Roy, Aunt Patrice, and cousins Timothy and Jesse.  It started with a kayak trip down the river and then hiking for miles through mud … literally.  We finally arrived at the Secret Falls (which it turns out aren’t so secret) where we took a dip to clean off and enjoyed a picnic lunch.  It was a messy, magical day!

Of course the icing on the cake, was the wedding.  Emily and Jordan chose a special spot in the woods of Kauai where they had a lovely ceremony and were pronounced husband and wife.  Afterward, we all spent the evening at a beautiful dinner where Charlotte and Johnny got to act like grown ups (with their own coloring books) to celebrate the newlyweds.  We were amazed to see so much love.  It will forever be engrained in our memory.  We were grateful to witness such a special event.

Congratulations to the newlyweds and thank you, Hawaii, for all of your beauty!

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