Charlotte Turns 8!

20200403-JC3A2544Watch out world, Charlotte turned 8!  That fire in her eyes gets stronger every year.  I’m about to hang up my hat and let her take over… like she was born to do.

The depth and strength of Charlotte is hard to follow and especially mother.  She’s exhausting… in all the right ways.  I truly adore her and want to spend all of my time with her, until I grow weary from her endless curiosity, determination, and intensity.  She makes every day better just because she is Charlotte and I get be around her (for now), and then I need to go to bed.

I’m afraid of saying everything is “for now” because that’s the hard truth.  I don’t ever want her to stop talking or ask questions or demand that Alexa play her favorite pop song.  I also don’t want her to stop asking for snuggles so we can have girl time chats or stop adoring her little brother.  But then, she’s already eluding to her older self and I’m about to protest.  That internal fire she has keeps leading her and guiding her far beyond her years.

So yes she is 8… for now.  But it feels as though her spirit is older than mine and it’s trying to live in this special place she calls Charlotte.  I’ll try to keep up with her and keep her close for as long as I can.  The only thing okay about her getting older is witnessing the evolution of Charlotte.

Keep that fire, baby girl!

This past year Charlotte has been into ice skating, Spanish, skiing, dance, hip hop, fashion, make-up, roller blading, cooking, crafting, and always creating.

Charlotte’s birthday was on April 3rd – deep into quarantine 2020.  She still had the best day.  The morning started with an electric scooter and a pass on virtual school work then an awesome drive-by parade with our friends and neighbors inspired by her theme the 1980’s.  It was topped off with take-out sushi and a beautiful cake.  A day to remember in all of our books.


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